Booyah– What Your Facebook Status Says About You.

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Let’s all just own up to it right now, every one of us is a Facebook stalker. And if you say you’re not, you’re lying. Or you’re one of those people who have regarded the Internet as “just a phase” for the past 20 years and are stunted worse then female Olympic gymnast, Karri Strug.

For the rest of you, the status update is special tool that you hold near and dear. Sometimes I find my inner monologue thinking in status updates, one clever descriptive sentence at a time.

Your electronic status can inform a lot about you, from your availability and linguistic skills to your whit and general temperament. Although it does require some homework, the status update can be a great tool for determining if a prospective lover is worth your time. Think about it, do you really want to be with someone who feels the impulse to update all of his/her electronic friends on what they ate for lunch? Or the person who doesn’t have enough self respect to learn how to spell ‘believe’ or know the correct use ‘there’ and ‘their’.

For me, it’s more specifically about the content of the status. The content of a well-crafted status update directly relates to how a person thinks, and what they think about. I dated a guy who used the word “booyah” in nearly every status update. Obviously, he was an excitable human being, but this wasn’t the problem. The problem was in the term “booyah” which can be defined by as: 1 – an exclamation of joy, 2 – a mocking or arrogant exclamation used to taunt a loser one has just beaten. Both uses are often accompanied by a hand gesture.

Although, he never actually expressed this word verbally, I understood by his status updates that it was very much in his vernacular. The idea that he used this word in his everyday thought process made me jump to conclusions. Can you imagine our little booyah-kids running around, booyahing all over the place? The word “booyah” has ADD written all over it and I don’t want to fornicate with anyone who is even thinking it. Before you know it, I would start using the word too, acting sort-of gangster, wearing a baseball cap backwards, and taking up basketball. Because if you think about it “booyah” is really only appropriately used when schooling some one in a game of basketball. It doesn’t translate well to World of Warcraft or croquet.

The next time you want to share, really think about what you’re saying, spell check, and pay attention to grammar. Above all, stay true to yourself. Mr. Booyah probably hates the fact that most of my status updates are merely gibberish, absent of any intelligent cohesive thought. But I am me, and I like who I am. When you share yourself with the world censor yourself appropriately, especially if you’re going to get sensitive about it. People judge.


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