A picture doesn’t do you justice.

September 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

Let’s face it, looks are important, but perhaps I judge too much. Tagging, untagging, and selecting the perfect profile picture that makes you look skinny with clear skin and flawless hair, all of us do it ad nauseam.

On my online dating profile I get a lot of messages saying: you are stunning, gorgeous, beautiful. Of course you think I am, those are the three best photos of me ever taken, period. And PS… I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop.

I was recently doing some light Internet stalking at work. Later this month I am attending a reunion of sorts where an old flame will be in attendance. I announced to my best friend not to let me, under any circumstance, sleep with him. Which is code for: only if he looks as good as I remember. She came back at me with the news that his girlfriend will be accompanying him. Bummer. Next step: become Facebook friends to scout out his main squeeze.

After this was completed, I immediately went to his profile in search of tagged pics, hoping he had gotten fat or ugly and I wouldn’t want to sleep with him anyway. I was just about to scrutinize his profile pic with his blonde bombshell when my boss caught me [APPLE W]. To my horror, he looked great in what I saw. For the next several hours I began devising my game plan, lamenting that I probably wasn’t going to get laid and would be fantasizing about it for far longer than necessary.

Upon my next available web moment I took his pictures into closer examination. To my astonishment, I was worried about nothing. He was not reflecting the hottie that I had built in my head, and his babe was no prize either. Profile pictures give a whole new meaning to cute from afar but far from cute. However, we will have to see if the disappointing tags will hold up after a few cocktails in the flesh.

This made me feel better at the moment, but then I was disgusted with myself for even participating in the act. Our online personas are shaped by our judgment of ourselves. We choose pictures where we look spectacular, thus raising the standard for everyone we come across online. People get mad, even end friendships over posting a horrible picture, or untagging one. As a rule of thumbnail, I say we collectively graduate to only posting pictures we all look great in. Our vanity precedes us, we update a profile pic where we look fantastic and the person next to us looks like they have just come out of electric shock therapy, drooling with a sleepy eye (aka drunk beyond reason). And don’t even get me started on the celebrity doppelganger episode that took place a few months back. Talk about narcissism.

Also, just because you have untagged an unflattering picture doesn’t mean we can’t see it if the person posting it has made the album public. I think this is Facebook’s way of keeping us in check. Let’s remember, people are just people, some of them happen to be super models, but most of us are not.


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  • Dane says:

    Bachelorette, isn’t it enough to show your personality in you profile pic? What do people gain from posting a front? Give me an honest look into the soul. Show me what is really important to you. If it is the desire to show people your best side, you can do much worse than a candid photo of yourself with friends. Perhaps that’s just too much cheese to swallow.

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