Polar Bear: Extinct Feat. Advice from Betty & Backwoods Wench

February 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

To recap, I am in debt to the Tall Musician aka the Polar Bear because he did some work for me, a business favor that I have yet to repay. Kill me.

So… I think I was dumped yesterday. Yeah, no real way to tell for sure, but it smells like a dumping. I didn’t see the Polar Bear for two weeks. And after many failed attempts to make plans with him, I gave up. I was on my way out on Sunday near his part of town so I called and asked if he was around so I could retrieve my phone charger. I stopped by. Our conversation, while brief, went well. Although, I think he was covering for himself or feeling guilty, because he kept on saying how busy he was. Our rapport was normal, regular, the usual ho-hum. I didn’t feel like he was actually being different or weird or putting on a show. Then when it was time to leave, I kinda swooped in and boldly went for a kiss and I got intercepted by an awkward hug, like a butt-out-ugly-aunt hug, with a side of fumbling for who’s arm goes on top. Stunned, I made a disgusted face and simply walked out without saying a word. I didn’t look back. In fact, I laughed right out loud. Did that just happen? Really? Really?!

He could have at least said something about never wanting to see my face again. Whatever, I’ll play his game. Okay, let’s be super awkward now and hope that it just goes away. Pretty sure I get the point. But we DID talk about him consulting on the project further. Does he need some time to think about this or did I mix business with pleasure and then get dumped for business? But I like collaborating with him professionally and unprofessionally! I don’t really know what went wrong. It’s certainly not me to harp on something like this, I should just move on like I do, not giving a second thought. Still, I feel crushed.

So naturally, I spent the remainder of the afternoon drinking wine and eating chocolate at Stormin’s house, who just laughed at me upon my arrival. Although, she did feed me and let me hang with her cat. I promptly sent emails to my dearest friends and awaited advice for further action.

The Backwoods Wench Says:

A lot of my friends are musicians and I’ve had my share, to say the least. I can contest that 95% of them are not steady reliable partners. Considering there are always other girls at hand they never want to be tied up with one cause they don’t want to pass up an opportunity with another. This particularly comes from the fact that they really didn’t get any in High School. All grown up, a lot of them avoid relationships in order to be available and create drama to fuel their artistic passion. If they’ve played the field before, they know the jealous drama it can bring and how good that is for their music.

Believe it or not, they actually lose fans if they are spoken for. If you do research on guys in major bands notice that many of them are married then go and watch their music video’s and notice that most are not wearing their wedding rings! A serious musician is all about dating the music and lifestyle. But if that’s what you find yourself attracted to, I’ll make some suggestions. I find that death metal guys are your best bet if you really want a music guy. No back up dancers and the fans are usually fat tatted up with faded home colored hair who act like guys. So trust me it is not you! It’s him and his underlying stuck up music qualities!

Betty Says:

My honest opinion is to absolutely drop him like he’s hot, personally and professionally. Sorry for the cold-hearted answer, but you haven’t dated him THAT long and to not see him for two weeks is in-excusable if you are in the same city, busy or not, musician or not. As my friend Jimmy always tells me, from the man’s perspective, “You always have time for your girl.”  Yes, I’m sure he’s a really nice guy, and talented, but you DON’T OWE him anything.  I want you to be with a guy who LOVES being with you and worships the ground you walk on because you deserve that.  I don’t want you to waste time with stupid little boys, no matter how cool the toys are that they play with.

Right on, girls! So what you’re saying is I should promptly become a regular at the bar where I met that sexy ginger-haired bartender (with The Trifecta of the Charming Man) just to be safe. It’s it too early to start working on finding a summer boyfriend?


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