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Onesies, jumpers, rompers, one-piece, singlet (although, pretty sure that’s wrestling attire), whatever you call it they are in for spring. We saw a sprinkling of them last year, and now they are everywhere. Which means you too, Midwest. My rule, if it’s at Target, you can probably get one for you and one for your dog. Wear it over a bathing suit, lounging on a Saturday, or slap some heels on and go dancing. Still a little chilly in the northern regions? Tights and boots to the rescue.

Like with anything new in fashion, I always ponder: Sure it looks great on the twig next door, but can I pull it off? So I try a couple on and I look pregnant. Oh no, not without a ring on this finger. I discover it’s all about the synched waist and blousing. Complicated I know, but you want to flaunt what you got and conceal what you don’t. There are onesies out there for every asset. I’m a not too much blousing, tailored, short shorts type of body. The right garment will equal bombshell, even if you only went to the gym once this week.

The every day girl in Los Angeles has a protocol for fashion: be unique. Wear the style everyone else is wearing, but be the only one wearing it. Solution? A lot of vintage shopping or buy a sewing machine. First of all, I should not be playing with needles and personally I hate vintage stores. I don’t like sifting through mounds of crap for one treasure, because most likely that treasure is four sizes too small anyway. I shop in three steps: look then touch then buy.

Rotten Couture has one of a kind one-pieces by Gina Katon. Rock on! Fantastic find and I didn’t have to go through waste piles of other people’s loveless clothes to find her. Just in time for summer. Her stuff is rotten, but in the “I’m glad I dared to wear” way. This is not something you’ll find at target. It’s releasing your inner sex kitten in broad daylight. It feels a little wrong at first, like a stripper in street clothes, but surprisingly adorable and effortlessly comfy. I thought I’d feel naked, but I felt confident. As Gina says, “nasty, girly fun.”

But yes, beauty knows no pain. With the onesie, no matter how hot you look, you eventually have to go to the bathroom. It literally is one piece. Unlike a dress, you have to navigate around a crotch. The crotch (kind of a gross word) is the very basis of the appeal. You can wear it short enough to show off your stems without feeling like your rear might creep out or your lady bits might take a quick peek. However, when you use the facilities, you have to get nearly naked. Which can be undesirable depending on the venue. I’d suggest not wearing your onesie out on a night of hardcore drinking or places where there tend to be long lines for the lavatory. There is no quick way to get these things off.

Check out Gina’s one of kind one pieces and hit her up for your new favorite summertime go to garment. Everyone will want to know where you got it, and no one will be able to have it. Which, when you think about it, is kind of rotten.

All the onesies featured are origional creations by Gina Katon.

Hit up Rotten Couture on facebook here or here to get in touch with Gina, browse her line, and see some very happy costumers.

It’s something every that belongs in every girl’s closet, especially a bachelorette.


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