Of Concern:

April 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am going to make this short and sweet because, as of late, I have more important things to tend to. *wink* Specifically, the ginger haired bartender, who I am discovering is not only just a bartender (they never are). I’ll be working in the field with Mister Red and will be able to give you more thoughts on our budding affair next week. For the meantime, I felt compelled to address some recent complaints.

My last couple posts on fashion and fitness, I have been told, alienate the male readers because it’s ‘girly stuff’ (I’m sure they don’t care about onesies). However, I am turning a blind eye because the modern girl HAS these concerns, DEALS with these problems, MAKES these decisions. If the boys are reading, if they are fans of The Internet Bachelorette, they are fans of the modern girl. If they want insight to our thought process, our insecurities, our actions and reactions, they should note the variety of our thoughts beyond Mr. Right wish lists, deal breakers, and sexual preferences. Yes, we have evolved thoughts about make-up, shoes, and celebrities, but we are also passionate about politics, the economy, civil rights and social trends.

It’s really all about the modern girl, and the modern girl, I believe, is a do-it-herselfer striving for aesthetic perfection (or at least the illusion) in every aspect of her life. How she dresses, what she cooks, how she decorates her home, even her profile picture. She strives for complete success in business, friendships, creative endeavors, and complete independence. She has to become queen before she takes a king.

Because the lady of 2011 is the whole package, make no mistake of that.


§ One Response to Of Concern:

  • Betty says:

    Women are better multi-taskers therefore we are more capable of having wide ranging thoughts and opinions. And boys, you should be happy we care about our appearance otherwise your eye candy would be limited to “earthy” girls who abhor make-up, shaving and deoderant. Not to mention our shopping habits keep the world economy afloat. Women should get an extra tax break because we are consumers of all products, from groceries to technology to fashion. Call it the female economic stimulus. Sounds sexy acutually.

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