Sugar Where The Sun Don’t Shine

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you’ve gotten a Brazilian (wax not a boy), you know how amazing it is. So does your boyfriend. Once you’ve gone bare, you wouldn’t go back if you dare. However, waxing has it’s downfalls, it’s painful and risky. Senior Spring Break, a friend and I attempted to wax our legs. I went first. Let’s just say she never took the plunge and 36 hours later I could finally sit down. For the longest time I stuck to shaving the bikini’s area, even though I have countless friends who swear by the Brazilian. They say it will change your life… like jeggings. It will put a pep in your step, a glowing confidence stemming from a private place. Too bad I have PTSD from the waxing of 2002. I’d prefer the delicate, important skin down there to remain undamaged, sensitive as ever and working properly. I am in search for an alternative. As always, I like to educate my fellow ladies on my important discoveries. Today, we’re talking about something sweet to take the pain away: SUGAR.

I have been sugared into a new woman. Forget waxing. Painful and dangerous are two words I don’t want anywhere near my tender Brazilian area.  Inspired by ancient Egyptian organic hair removal, sugaring is half the pain of waxing and twice as effective. The aesthetician uses a soft warm ball of sugary goop over each spot for removal. Of course it hurts a little when it’s being pulled off (minor compared to waxing as it only pulls the hair not the skin too), but unlike waxing there is no residual pain. Once the hair has been pulled there is no pain. And she can sugar the same spot again and again for a complete job, only exfoliating dead skin cells and leaving the live ones to stay for the fun. Sugaring gets to the root of the problem, and much like laser hair removal, the hair will grow back finer, softer, less and less after every time you do it.

I go to Lisa at Sugar Me LA in Santa Monica, she’s an angel sent with sweetness. Lisa’s developed her own line of sugar with a Food Network sugar specialist, and with years of experience it’s rare to find someone of her caliber. She also makes you extremely comfortable, cracks jokes, and really enjoys making ladies feel better about themselves.

The sugaring isn’t the only thing amazing about Lisa; she’s a one-stop shop. I had an outburst of acne the past 8 months, my curse for going through High School blemish free. Now I have fine lines and zits, it’s not fair. She uses moisturizers and masks during facials for added hydration and after, my skin immediately felt lighter and clearer. In all areas I found her extremely intellectual, always researching next best thing, demanding top, effective products to practice her expertise. Her philosophy is to make her services possible for her clients, because of her low overhead her excellence is affordable. There is no reason to neglect your skin or your cooch.

I can’t tell you enough about how wonderful sugaring is; quite simply it’s sweet. You’ll never go back to waxing after going to Lisa and experiencing her painless, flawless technique. If you’re not in LA make sure you find a licensed aesthetician whos is Certified by Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring. Don’t try this at home, it’s so worth it to get a professional. Now I know what a boner must feel like with the new found happiness in my pants. I mean, the reaction from Mister Red alone was enough to convert.


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