A Check List

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

We got another from @twenty-six. Check out more of this modern girl here.

Dear Universe,

People say that if I ask you for the things I want you’ll find them for me and then I’ll have the good fortune of receiving the things that I’ve been seeking.

Universe, my friends have “deal-breakers” and “red flags” they know what they don’t want. Having created a check list of items, a criteria of “no, no’s” they’ve isolated a laundry list of personality traits that they won’t allow. Specifics. They’ve kept track over the years of the things they can’t stand. I don’t have this list. Maybe I should, maybe this list would keep me from making a choice that ends in the same way over and over again. But Universe, who has the time for such lists? I can only recall what I don’t want when it comes to dinner not when it comes to humans.

For this reason I’d like to send you a few ideas…things that I think I could use in a better half. While my friends go on and on about what they must keep out…I’d like to share the traits I’m hoping to reel in. The sky is the limit here Universe. Lets throw some stuff on the wall and see what sticks.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting your thoughts.



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