Betty’s List

May 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Some more from Betty:

Ok, last week’s posting got me inspired to write my own list, even though I realize a list is not a man. I have to be my significant other’s first priority, it’s what I give when I am committed, I deserve the same in return.

Dear Future Husband,

You must have the following qualities:

1. Absolute faithfulness, I don’t share
2. Deep kindness
3. Not afraid to show physical affection (not making out in public, but hand holding please)
4. Snuggley
5. Great sense of humor
6. Intelligence
7. A love of reading, especially together in bed
8. Movie buff, also an HBO buff would be nice
9. Must love dogs, especially big dogs and big animals in general
10. Must know without a doubt that he wants to be in a healthy, happy marriage
11. Wants to have children
12. Will give me the princess treatment, I’ll pull my own weight but make me feel like I don’t have to
13. Financially stable and responsible, I don’t mean rich, just be responsible
14. Manly (there are all types of manly, but I’m a girly girl, I want a MAN)
15. A healthy libido please, satisfy my needs and wants
16. Must have a balance between being healthy and active while also enjoys being home and relaxing
17. Not only want to be with me, but have the time to be with me
18. Most important, he must make me his number one priority and I will do the same for him
19. Unconditionally supportive
20. Comfortable dressing up for occasions but really a jeans and t-shirt guy
21. Confident in his dancing abilities even if he has no rhythm
22. Handy around the house, perhaps roofing or fixing cars
23. Willing to travel to the Midwest to visit family
24. Gentlemanly, like his parents raised him right and he still has a good relationship with them




§ One Response to Betty’s List

  • Dane says:

    Do you want to sleep with your Maid? jk, but this guy of yours, doesn’t it sound like he’s the white whale?

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