Modern Girl MIA

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

We all have to take certain measures to keep the lights on. I’m talking money, honey. I have been completely off the grid lately because I had to take a job in the deep South. And I mean DEEP. I’m fielding gators, hitting mosquitoes with baseball bats, and sweating my toosh off for one month. I currently have 20 days left. It cannot come too soon. Working 15+ hour days 7 days a week leaves me little time to write, let alone sleep. I am hoping that Mr. Red can understand and plans to accept me back into his arms, funny tan lines, bug bites and all.

Even though the so-called southern hospitality is charming, and some of these strapping country boys can really fill out a pair of jeans, they don’t hold a candle to the sweet, intelligent, Ginger stud I have back in Cali. Yes, I’ve really fallen for him. I’m just going to bring back a pair of Wranglers and make him walk in front of me for a week. He’s really got it all, he knows the correct pronunciation of several 4 syllable words and still just as polite as these southern gentlemen. You know I’m a sucker for manners. Now all I have to do is hang on to him. I was thinking of hiring a P.I. to make sure he’s not using his smile to swoon other dames, but that might be a bit over board. Just a tad. Relationships are about trust, right? This is the perfect opportunity to test that trust. If I’m really honest with myself, I don’t have anything to worry about.
Counting down the days. Help me keep TIB alive and email me you’re own woes of the modern gal. I’ll do my best this month to keep ’em coming, but y’all gotta help me out. Did I just say, y’all? Get me back to my mosquito free wild west.


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