Kentucky Stud Part II

August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Betty in the Lime-light: Kentucky Stud Part II

Dates have to progressively get better, otherwise just quit while you are ahead. I think there should be all sorts of fun, butterfly in the stomach, excited, anticipation for a date. That’s half the thrill. I’m a girly-girl; I love high heels, dresses, jewelry and tossing my glorious straight hair over my shoulder when I flash a movie star smile at a man. Dates should be full of flirting and laughing. A woman is never sexier than when she is truly having enjoying herself.
I should have known to just cancel the whole second date with Kentucky Stud when my pre-date anticipation had more to due with the dread of being bored than the excitement of possibility. I like to primp before a date, I enjoy the ritual that will turn me into a knockout but the Kentucky Stud is the type of young Southern gentleman I actually have to dress down for. Big uuuggghhh factor right there. I told one of my girlfriends how nervous he had seemed on the fist date and she told me to dress really low-key as he sounded like the type of guy who would pee his pants with fear if he saw me dressed up. Just the fact that I had to wear a t-shirt and jeans on a date was a big ‘ole red flag. Why be anything less than my true self? And if the Kentucky Stud can’t handle the heat than he should get out of the game. But, taking a friend’s advice and against my own better judgment, I wore a t-shirt and jeans.
For this evening outing, the Kentucky Stud met me at my house and then I drove the both of us to my local “casual yet hip” bar. We were on my turf so there was no motorcycle riding this time. The whole date was awkward and painful and I spent an entire hour watching him nurse one, yes I said one, beer. As I attempted to make conversation I was also calculating how long I needed to be out on this horrible date, how soon could I make an excuse without seeming rude and what in the hell was that excuse going to be? Half a beer did not magically turn the Kentucky Stud into a comedian and although I wanted five more glasses of wine I stuck to one so he wouldn’t know that his boring personality had turned me into an alcoholic. The strong, silent type is definitely NOT my type.
Finally we headed back to my place and instead of inviting him in I said “I have to get to bed because I have to wake up really early tomorrow” which is just another version of the “I have to wash my hair” excuse. He went in for a kiss, which I turned into an awkward hug. A buddy-pat on the arm and I sent that Kentucky Stud on his way. City girls and country boys just don’t mix. You won’t see this city girl trading in her high heels and red carpets anytime soon.


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