Purging of the T-shirts

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I cleaned out my closet. Quite the feat for any woman, giving away much loved shoes, your ‘think thin’ jeans, and that 3am internet buy never worn because of the lack of digital dressing rooms. From time to time you must purge your belonging before you reach max capacity.

Through this process I’ve noticed that I’m pretty sentimental. It’s not really about pictures or keepsakes. No, no. For me it’s clothing, particularly free t-shirts that are to blame for my clutter. It’s a memento, and when I hold it, look at it, I get transported to a time when I wore it often or won a wet t-shirt contest (kidding). Those hose downs mean nothing to me compared to that year in college when I ate cheese sandwiches and wore my Mellow Yellow shirt working on student films. Or my first year in LA when I wore my Maleficent shirt even though I bought it as a gift to my roommate. Or when I worked at that camera house with all those burly men who treated me like a daughter and I didn’t get paid but I got a shirt for every day of the week.  Or when I was on vacation and bought that funny marijuana slogan without ever intending on wearing it in public. Or how about that shirt quietly referencing my tits that I wore to work twice before realizing it was probably inappropriate.

Old habits die hard, and on my most recent gig we had what we liked to call, “fish shirt Friday” a shirt I will never wear out of context, but a joke I want to hold onto forever. So I decided to keep my memories and eradicate the ones of ex boyfriends, and stupid decisions. Throwing away all the Yankee’s gear, and slutty tube tops, being selective of the artifacts reflecting my life.

With chosen remembrance I’ve decided to make throw pillows of the old T’s in the hopes of replacing the photographs I forgot to take, and all the journal entries I was too drunk to write. Now, I just hug a pillow on the couch or the bed when needing an embrace from a better time. I think it’s a therapeutic endeavor. Maybe I should have kept a couple from old lovers to punch in a fit of rage? I’ve never been violent, and tossing them in the trash cleansed my soul nonetheless. Getting rid of previous regrets and reshaping the good times of the past. Plus, how hard can it be to sew a couple squares together from the best concert I’ve ever went to? My homemakers tip of the day!


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