Unwarrented Congratulating

September 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Somethings don’t warrant a celebration. I won’t give your dog a birthday present, I won’t bring a dish to pass at the unveiling of your newest tattoo, and I certainly won’t have a all night party for any sort of a hairy potter.

As of late, I’ve experienced some big changes in the major areas of my life. Fortunately most of these shifts are coming with a wink and a smile. But as far as I can see, these blessings came about by dumb luck. Or maybe good karma, I try to pay it forward.

I moved into a new apartment that I love. However, I didn’t have much control over the place I found. Navigating craigslist isn’t like getting your doctorate, so why all the congratulations on the 2 bed, 2 bath on the wrong side of the street in a decent neighborhood? I didn’t build it, I’m not fixing the plumbing. I’m basically just loaning it for a price, and I was hardly responsible enough to change my address on my bank account. My netflix is still going to the old place. Clearly, I’m failing at this. I should not get a pat on the back for winning the LA lottery and finding a vacant place off the route of the Mexican Fruit Truck. Not sure if escaping the early morning la cucaracha call is really on par with a job promotion. I rather the promotion. At least then I could have hired a real estate agent and congratulated her on the find.

And then there’s Mr. Red. Yeah he’s a catch, but I didn’t hunt him down like a twelve point buck. He’s not a prize pig. It’s not smashing achievement to have someone love you. I’m pretty sure it’s dumb luck. You wouldn’t shake someone’s hand after they win five dollars on a scratch off ticket they got in their Christmas stocking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty shocked myself that I have this great guy who can stand me, but I certainly am not in line to receive a plaque for giving my number out. If anything that makes me a little bold and kind of easy.

This is the example that I really don’t understand. I stood up in a couple weddings this summer and I was told by random guests that I did a good job. A good job? Wearing a dress and standing for a half hour? It wasn’t just one person, I had a few people say that. I must have worn the shit out of that dress then. Almost as deserving as getting a crown and a scholarship for wearing a bathing suit with a wish for world peace.

The unwarranted congratulating always makes me think of that middle school joke laced with sarcasm used to downplay other’s achievements, “do you want a cookie?” I don’t feel ungrateful for the well wishes, but I feel like when I reach something of true achievement I don’t want the congratulations to feel cheapened. I’m a person to always choose my words wisely. The words, “I’m happy for you” feel more true and heartfelt than any congratulations. Save the congrats for goals reached through hard work before we all start getting big heads about ourselves.


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