Sweeter Days

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

For those of you who don’t know, and for those of you who are pissed because someone forgot you, this past Saturday was “Sweetest Day,” (not a real holiday). It’s one of those Hallmark-i-days that leaves the ladies disappointed and their sweeties in hot water. But let me shed some light on how this all went down and maybe you won’t feel so bad that no one cared to remember how sweet you truly are.

In the 1920s it started in the Great Lakes region, specifically Cleveland, by a confectioners movement. It was originally for the philanthropist at heart distributing candy to shut-ins, orphans, old folks, and the underprivileged. So really it never had anything to do with anybody’s sweetie unless they fell into the above categories. Really it seems like a marketing ploy set up by the candy companies, pioneered by 12 confectioners on a committee for the sweetest day for revenue.

Later in 1937, the National Confectioners association along with backing from the candy industry tried as they might to make Sweetest Day rank right up there with Mother’s Day. Keeping with the theme of charity they handed candy out to organizations that were working with the sick and needy. Promotional support, marketed it as the “sweetest day of the year.” Meaning you give out candy, which is kind of like that ritual that happens during another holiday occurring in the same month, but who’s really paying attention anyway.

The idea really didn’t take off and somewhere along the line the sentiment got confused with Valentine’s Day. Which I would attribute to the greeting cards designed for the day. But I get it, Hallmark, it’s hard to make “take some candy because I’m too broke to  donate anything real to your cause,” feel like rose petals and teddy bears.

Retail confectioners claim that the holiday is more important to candymakers near the Cleveland and Detroit areas, as companies in those cities were huge promoters of day to begin with.

So don’t be so sore, like I said, not a real holiday.


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