Lady Of The Month: November

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are so many amazing ladies and so little time. Help me by honoring one modern gal each month. Strong independent women with inspiring stories, thriving in the digital age, that’s what we’re celebrating.

Miss November: Lisa — Aesthetician, Founder & CEO of Sugar Me LA in Santa Monica

Lisa is an angel sent with sweetness. The story goes: when you look good you feel good. Impeccable skin is her mission, and you can tell she practices what she preaches. She’ll get questioned at the bar because her visual age doesn’t match the one on her ID. Her super power is age defying, but Lisa is one lady that will share her secrets. When she’s not fighting fine lines, you can find her practicing Sugar Hair Removal, a service she’s helped pioneer. With over 10 years of experience, encouraging clients, and a great deal of determination, Lisa opened up shop in 2007 to share her sugaring expertise and combat aging and acne alike.

What’s sugaring? Well, let me explain. If you’ve gotten a Brazilian before (wax not a boy), you know how amazing it is. So does your boyfriend. Once you’ve gone bare, you wouldn’t go back if you dare. However, waxing has it’s downfalls, it’s painful and risky. For the longest time I stuck to shaving the bikini’s area, even though I have countless friends who swear by the Brazilian. They say it will change your life… like jeggings. I’d prefer the delicate, important skin down there to remain undamaged, sensitive as ever and working properly. This is where Lisa comes in.

Lisa will sugar you into a new woman. Forget waxing. Painful and dangerous are two words never to be put anywhere near the tender Brazilian area.  Inspired by ancient Egyptian organic hair removal, sugaring is half the pain of waxing and twice as effective. She uses a soft warm ball of sugary goop over each spot for removal. Of course it hurts a little when it’s being pulled off (minor compared to waxing as it only pulls the hair not the skin too), but unlike waxing there is no residual pain. Once the hair has been pulled there is no pain. And she can sugar the same spot again and again for a complete job, only exfoliating dead skin cells. Sugaring gets to the root of the problem, and much like laser hair removal, the hair will grow back finer, softer, less and less after every time you do it. Sugaring isn’t just for the ladies either, many of Lisa’s clients are male. So guys, don’t be shy. If you want to be smooth, go see the sugar queen.

For over a year, Lisa developed her own line of sugar paste along side a Food Network sugar specialist to insure she uses a top quality product on her clients. By removing the middle man in the sugar business, Lisa can charge her client a reasonable rate while insuring product quality. This is quite an accomplishment and the pride and joy of her business. You’ll never go back to waxing after going to Lisa and experiencing her painless, flawless technique and her self-perfected product.

But sugaring isn’t the only thing amazing about Lisa; she’s a one-stop shop. She knows how to treat any skin type. Using moisturizers and masks during facials for added hydration and after, your skin will immediately feel lighter and clearer in ways you’ve never imagined. As a very intuitive aesthetician, Lisa can pick out bad habits that clog pores from comfort foods to resting postures. Everyone is unique, but with Lisa on the case, she’ll solve your skin problem one blemish at a time.

As if that wasn’t enough she rounds out her practice with her artistic side, brow and lash shaping and tinting. Eyes are the windows to the soul so you have to take care of the framing. Precise shaping and color customized just for you to maximize the amount of head turns and double takes. Perfect for your next date, meeting, or profile picture.

In all areas she’s extremely intellectual, always researching next best thing, demanding only top, effective products for her business. Her philosophy is to make her services possible for her clients, because of her low overhead her excellence is affordable. As if that wasn’t enough, if you follow her on Facebook or Twitter you’ll be able to receive news and specials first hand. She also makes you extremely comfortable, cracks jokes, and really enjoys making people feel better about themselves. There is no reason to neglect your skin or your cooch.

Like Lisa and Sugar Me LA on Facebook: Show your support for Modern Lady – November

Follow Lisa on Twitter: For appointment availability and promotions

Sugar Me LA’s Website: Read about additional services and pricing

More reviews on Yelp: Rave, rave reviews. Seriously. See what other people are saying, too good to pass up.

You’ll be seeing a lot of Lisa this month so stay tuned for promos, tips, and more from the very inspiring Super Lady of Sugar.



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