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November 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

2 Broke Girls is probably doing more good than harm for our modern day digital dames. The pilot episode was not the best representation of what this show would become, it needed a second and third chance. When I gave it that, I found myself being charmed by the spitfire oil and water teaming up in a contemporary odd couple satire. And I’m not even a fan of the three-camera sitcom with added tin can laugh track. While the jokes can be a little raunchy and the punch lines don’t always hit the hardest, I’ll take inspiration from the premise while the writers iron out the voice of their jokes.

These two lower income ladies are aspiring entrepreneurs of a cupcake business. They are working together to achieve their goal and the viewer watches them chip away at their goal. Add a pet horse and hilarity must ensue. Becoming prime examples of hard work, the importance of setting goals, how to earn a dollar and balance life, these ladies weather the economic storm the same as most 20-somethings. With a job to keep the lights on and lofty aspirations on the side, they lick the wounds on their morale and trudge forward.

The racy retort from the cutting edge heroine, Max is a great response to sexual harassment. Although it’s a defense mechanism, most women do use sarcasm to ward off sexism. How else should we combat it while we fight this war? Sexual harassment in the workplace is not nor should ever be acceptable, but it’s not going to go away anytime soon. It’s better to show proper defense mechanisms so our teenagers can stand up for themselves instead of shriveling behind fear riddled with low self esteem.

Max’s foil, Caroline who also refuses to take sexual harassment, has an insatiable spirit and the power of determination. She isn’t some bottle blonde; she’s smart and quickly becomes the brains of the business. In her former life she has attended the best schools money can buy, but has also achieved in her academics, proving the value of an education. With Caroline’s encouragement and tactful business skills she leads Max’s talent down a path to glory. Or so it seems.

It can’t be bad broadcasting to have two regular looking women star in a show about women working together. There are some shows that pin women against each other for the affection of a man. Neither one of these women are compromising integrity by showing too much cleavage or acting like a sex object. They are exercising their independence and freedom to become whatever they dream of, and they have the hard work and humility to back it up. I think that’s sexy recipe for comedy. I hope the show has legs to last through a full season. With a three camera format dying and Charlie Sheen officially at war with CBS, they are fighting a hard battle.

Watch 2 Broke Girls Mondays on CBS.


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