Seven Sweet Tips

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sugar Me LA’s and our Miss November, Lisa has some tips for  scheduling your sugaring appointment. Most of these go for waxing too, so if you are going to dare to go bare make sure you read through so you have the best experience. 1. Don’t schedule an appointment one week before your period. In theory, it’s because of water retention (edema). It could also be because of hormones. It’s wise not to schedule anything that might be painful, trips to dentist, doctor, etc the week before your period. If you’re pregnant the blood volume increases and the edema is rather intense, making you extremely sensitive.

2. Wait a bit if you’re on antibiotics. You CAN Sugar when on antibiotics, but it tends to make you more sensitive. However, DO NOT wax while using antibiotics. Wait 10 days after finishing them. Antibiotics make you photosensitive and will cause skin to lift or tear when using wax, which has a resin. ***I’d also like to take this moment to remind you that birth control is compromised when taking antibiotics too. Make sure you use double the contraceptive if you are on antibiotics.

3. Don’t drink coffee. And if you drink a lot you should curb it a couple days before. Drinking coffee tends to dehydrate, which also dries out the follicle causing the cuticle of the hair to stick on the dead, dehydrated skin cells on the inside of the follicle. Hurts more too.

4. Don’t shave, hair must be 1/8 inch long. For waxing, hair must be 1/4 inch long.

5. Shower and exfoliate, but don’t scrub the day of the service. Also moisturize, but not on the day of the service as it will keep the sugar from working properly and tend to drive the esthetician daft until she suddenly thinks to ask about the use of moisturizer.

6. Don’t have a sun burn, duh. The dead burned skin needs to stay until the skin underneath has healed. However, waxing and sugaring will be rip it off, scarring the new skin. Yuk. You should be wearing sunscreen anyway!!!

7.  Accutane. Don’t use any kind of sugaring or wax for at least six months after  you stop taking Accutane. It’s scary stuff. Completely dries out the outer layers of the skin, so when the sugar removes the hair, it also removes the layers of skin that should be somewhat moist, that protect the live layers of skin on the dermal layer – think ripping off a hangnail, only all over the area in which the sugar has been applied. Super painful.

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