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November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I sat down with Lisa, CEO of Sugar Me LA to get the inside scoop on the largest organ in the body: skin.  She shares her expert opinion on skin care and products. What use and what to be buyer-beware about. 

TIB: What are some top tips for someone struggling with acne?

LISA: First thing to do is to try to figure out if it’s a food allergy or not. If you can, keep a very detailed food diary. When you realize you have a new breakout coming out, go back 36 hours and figure out what you ate 36 hours previously. See if there is a correlation between what your eating and the breakouts.

TIB: And what if it’s not food?

LISA: I’ve noticed people think because they have acne their skin is oily. Most of the people I find, especially in LA, think their skin is oily when it’s actually dry. Because they are using a product to dry the acne out more, they are creating more of a problem. They are better off going to a Glycolic product, something that has 10% Glycolic and a pretty decent PH. What that is going to do is open up the follicles and let the junk purge out. You have to have that mixture of oil and sweat on your skin, you can’t dry it out. It’s a natural antibacterial protection that spreads all over your body. You need to work with your body to clear up your problems not fight the natural protectors.

TIB: What about make-up and acne?

LISA: Another thing I see with clients who swear they have oily skin is they wear make-up. I ask them when they are getting oily. If the answer is around 3pm it’s because they put on make-up in the morning. Their skin is trying to slide that make-up off the face with the natural protector of oil and sweat. You may have the dryest skin in the world but you’ll turn oily if you put make-up on. You need to get rid of that misconception that you’re oily and find out what your real skin type is like. Most of the people I see are treating themselves for the wrong skin type.

TIB: Let’s talk about anti-aging.

LISA: Wear sunscreen.  That’s going to be the biggest anti-aging thing for you to do. La Roche and L’Oreal have amazing sunscreens. An independent study that has been done found Neutrogena, Coppertone, and Banana Boat were the absolute worst you could use. L’Oreal did really well in this study and I’ve used it myself. If it’s a chemical sunscreen, people think it’s bad for you. It’s not. There haven’t been any studies saying that. You could have an allergy reaction to it. I use a chemical sunscreen with a zinc oxide sunscreen, I just don’t put it around my eyes.

TIB: Is anti aging just about sunscreen?

LISA: Another big thing is don’t use soap. Don’t use soap on your face or your body either. Use something that’s PH balanced. Or use shampoo. Use shampoo on your body, or baby shampoo.

TIB: What are your feelings on over the counter, drug store brands?

LISA: Because of the studies I’ve seen and their sunscreen rated so poorly, I’d stay away from Neutrogena. Stay away from  scrubs like St. Ives. They are only going to rip open your skin. You should end up using a Glycolic clenser, because the Glycolic is going to fix your skin anyway. If used correctly it will exfoliate your skin without having any issues. Let that be your exfoliator.

TIB: How could you avoid buying products that claim to do something they won’t?

LISA: Look at ingredient lists to see where the preservatives are. There was a product out on the market that claimed to have all these great peptides for tightening up your skin. The peptides are in there really do work, they are amazing peptides. But peptides have to be in a certain percentage range to actually work. This product listed the peptides next to or even after the preservatives. Well, preservatives are never more than 2% in a product. So basically your are paying for $250 water you’re going to put on your face. The best thing you can do is find an aesthetician who isn’t pushing their products down your throat and see what they think about the product in question.

TIB: What’s the most important tip for your skin?

LISA: Wear sunscreen! I don’t care where you get it just wear it. Also, put it on your lips. It keeps your lips from aging.

Great Monday Mind Morsel from Lisa. Read the rest of Lisa’s interview on Wednesday when we wrap up Miss November and learn about woman behind the business. Inspiration is rewarding.

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