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December 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet the Truly Extraordinary Gina Katon

There’s a lot that can be said about Ms. Gina Katon, talented, determined, sexy, over the top, all of it inspiring. Triple threat? Well, she has a lot more in her arsenal than that. Gina danced her way to Los Angles on a scholarship at the EDGE Performing Arts Center. Quickly she began booking dance gigs all over the world. Back-up dancer for live events, music videos, featured in movies and television alike. But this little firecracker didn’t want to stop there.

A few years ago, after performing with the Pussy Cat Dolls at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, she returned to Los Angeles and stepped up her game. She became a member of a classic rock inspired girl group, Darling Stilettos. They could sing, dance and rock just as hard as the boys. This gave her flight and courage, Gina’s true passion started to poke through, fascinated by composition and the recording process.

Around this same time she started sewing for herself, daring to be different. Her motivation: to be one of a kind. Creative inspiration comes in bursts and while Gina waited by the pool for gigs, agents, and labels to make decisions she started reinventing vintage, and there was a demand. She was going to vintage and second hand stores and buying loveless long lost articles and reimagining them, translating outdated fashion into Gina’s rotten chic lexicon. And people wanted it. Rotten Couture was a result of a moment  when creativity spawned demand.

When you discover certain truths about your nature, action needs to be taken it cannot be ignored. For Gina it was the need to have her hands in all facets of the creation process. Gina began to feel stifled in her girl group. She was bursting with musical passion, but was trapped behind a lead singer. Finally gathering up the courage, she stepped out in front. The summer of 2010 Gina and the Eastern Block was conceived. A few short months in the womb and their first record, “Little Villains” was born. Gina finally took her place in the spotlight in front of talented musicians Todd Weinstock (former guitar player of Glassjaw) and producer/drummer Marc Jordan (The Cult, Velvet Revolver).

Fueled by an undeniable passion and a voice with a lot to say, Gina and the Eastern Block broke a mold with an eclectic fusion of rock, drum and bass, and pop accompanied by some badass lyrics. There is no category for this sound. They started playing the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip and other venues in LA and New York, fans thumping to the unique sound, adhering to Gina’s cry of aggressiveness, vengeance and mischief.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Gina quickly found many collaborators ready to help groom her babies. Her band and her dancers have successfully performed several jaw dropping shows and produced a video for her single, “Wiggle It.” Her friends took Rotten Couture into boutiques for sale to the general public, while other supporters hailed her endeavors in press like Dance Track Magazine.

Now the band is working to produce their second album and Gina has been sought out to star in a docu-web series about her clothing line. Gina is the Lady of the Month not because of her accomplishments but because of her ferocity. Her desire for personal distinction and fearless perseverance of her passions supersede her talent. Reminding us all that you can’t build greatness on talent alone but with this cocktail becomes the contraception of excellence.

Learn more about the amazing recording artist, dancer, performer and fashion designer, Gina Katon…

Listen to Gina and The Eastern Block. Watch on YouTube. Find them on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Browse her clothing line Rotten Couture. Show your support on Facebook.

Photo Credits: Pablo Hernandez, Stage shot: Bruno Ohara


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