December 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Kitten Mittens? Not quite. I don’t usually like to get political, but this is ridiculous. I know we live in a world where people are not as educated about the nation they live in (thank you Miss Carolina 2007), but I’m pretty sure if you ask any 4th grader out there, what US State is shaped as a mitten they’ll say Michigan. You can see it from space: Mitten. I’m from Michigan, so this creases me a little more than most. Tourism is a multi million, sometimes billion dollar industry in any state. Wisconsin you got a little more than a mitten battle on your hands if you hired this lady to take care of your tourism campaign. The video is a must watch. Hilarious.

Gloves Off In Mitten Controversy Between Wisconsin, Michigan – Video – WISN Milwaukee.

Wisconsin must have recruited ‘ol Steph Klett steps out of the institution. I wonder if she can find the US on a map. They are just getting greedy, they already have cheese and Aaron Rodgers. Plagiarizing the mitten, sure that’s silly. But pretty sure MI has been calling themselves the Mitten since before copywriting was a thing.

Will the real Mitten State please stand up?


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  • Mrs. Weber says:

    Ha! This controversy is so ridiculous, eh? Wisconsin is pretty lucky to be known for the best food creation ever (cheese), so they need to stick with what they’re good at and leave our mitten alone!

    Rockin’ blog – keep up the good work 🙂

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