Rotten Couture Christmas

December 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tis the season for dressing up. There’s a lot of pressure for these little outfits. We work hard all year, busting out the cardio moves, toning, tightening, lifting, lunging. Time to show it off before the holiday binge pops you back into the I-ate-too-much pants. Every girl wants to waltz into her hometown and turn heads no matter how casual that little ol’ town is. Or maybe finally catch the eye of the cutie in the mailroom at the work Chritmas party. New Years Eve can’t go without mention. That little number you save for this magical evening is put to work in Facebook photos for years to come. Especially if you’ve been good all year long, December is the month to be a little naughty. Why not let designer, Gina Katon, help you out?

Onesies, jumpers, rompers, one-piece, singlet (although, pretty sure that’s wrestling attire), whatever you call it they are ready to dazzle this winter. And you thought it was just a summer item. Tights, boots and hot little tailored jacket rock these one of a kind pieces from Rotten Couture for your much anticipated winter engagements.

Synched waist and blousing will flaunt what you got and conceal those extra few Christmas cookies. There are onesies out there for every asset. Wearing the right garment transforms you into a bombshell, even if you only went to the gym once this week. However, I’m sure you powerwalked the mall once or twice so show it off. ‘Tis the season to turn heads.

Rotten Couture has one of a kind one-pieces by Gina Katon. Gina diligently searches for the most unique vintage pieces, takes them to her lab and reinvents them. 100% green, she re-imagines these pieces with recycled fabric to create art you can wear. You’ll be surprised at how she transforms a lame 80s party dress to a rocking mini fit for the red carpet. Her stuff is rotten, but in the “I’m glad I dared to wear” way.  It’s releasing your inner sex kitten in broad daylight, or in the spirit of the season, Christmas tree light. As Gina says, “nasty, girly fun.”

Not into the winter onesie? Rotten Couture has much more, skirts, dresses, shorts for every holiday occasion. From hipster ugly sweater party to high rise New York New Years, complements abound. You’re one of a kind, why not wear it that way?

Check out Gina’s one of kind one pieces and hit her up for your new favorite celebratory go-to garment. This is not something you’ll find a department store, so whether  you’re buying for a special glam girl, make your appointment with Gina today. You can also purchase online at  Rotten Couture makes a great gift for the fashionista in your heart, even if that fashionista is you. Everyone will want to know where you got it, and no one will be able to have it. Which, when you think about it, is kind of rotten. It’s something every that belongs in every girl’s closet, especially a bachelorette.

All the onesies featured are original creations by Gina Katon.

Learn more about the amazing recording artist, dancer, performer and fashion designer, Gina Katon…

Listen to Gina and The Eastern Block. Watch on YouTube. Find them on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Browse her clothing line Rotten Couture. Show your support on Facebook.

Photo credits from top to bottom: Dante Thomas, Pablo Hernandez, Gina Katon, Pablo Hernandez


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