Miss January

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

While I work on getting my Modern Ladies of the Month sashes to wear out in public, this month’s Miss January is working on sticking to that resolution this year. Get fit with Brooklin Rogers by doing what you love. Dance, dance, dance, because you can. If you weed through all the fitness fads and nutrition hype one thing rings true, do what you love to do. And make it a habit. Brooklin takes it to the next level, even if you’ve never owned a leotard in your life.

She moves, grooves and gets the blood pumping, just for the fun of it. She’s a dancer/choreographer/teacher of movement for all levels. If you can tap your toe to the beat you can participate in the dance revolution and get rid of your gym membership that you probably don’t use anyway. Instructor of Groove, Hip Hop and Burlesque, this girl proves that shaking it is as good for the physique as it is for the soul.

Burlesque means “to tease” so this is just a little tease for you to stay tuned all month while Brooklin takes us on a journey of wellness for a happy and healthy mind and body. Accompanied by the universal language of music she talks about taking the first steps of the non-dancer in a dance class, being comfortable with your sexuality in your own skin, and bouncing back from injury or illness to be the best you.

This year keep that promise to yourself. Brooklin will help. Fitness should be fun, after all.

For more about Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher Brooklin Rogers check it on…

Facebook for updates and class times and flirty fun.

YouTube for instructional videos and eye candy.

Website for more information.


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