Hot for Teacher!

January 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Miss January, Brooklin Rogers, says one of the most important steps to taking a dance class is to find a teacher you like. I have been dancing since I could walk, taking classes for over 26 years in 5 different cities, I may be qualified to recommend a dance teacher, if I may toot my horn. Let me tell you, Brooklin is a great teacher for all levels.

Brooklin’s classes are always mixed level adults, but experienced dancers and beginners alike shouldn’t shy away from taking from her. She starts off with a great warm-up to ease her students into the movement of the class. You are sweating in the first five minutes, shedding extra layers almost immediately. A proper warm-up prevents injury and strengthens muscles used in the class. Brooklin’s warm-up combines the essence of the class with easy movement that gets the heart pumping, but it’s fun so it doesn’t feel like work!

When you go into a work out you want to be sure you are getting something out of it and are targeting the problem areas so you can see results. Brooklin’s class is no exception. She still leaves room for abs and tush to push yourself beyond plateaus. Also capturing the movement of the class even while doing crunches. Whether it’s hip hop, groove, or burlesque you’ll work your booty to the beat of that drum, which makes doing the dirty work more enjoyable than hitting the mat at the gym.

Brooklin’s choreography, no matter the style of dance, is always easy to pick up, fun, and created in a way that makes you feel your best. She has a unique way of instructing beginning dancers to propell them to the next level, building confidence and skill as well as challenging more advanced dancers by allowing them to find their own groove to the movement. So many teachers want dancers in their class to be a cookie cutter of themselves, but not Brooklin. She encourages the evolution of movement which is sometimes scary for experienced dancers. She forces all her students to think about the economy of movement in her combinations allowing for characters to be played.

The best part about taking a class from Brooklin is her sense of humor. From the moment you walk in the door you feel like you are visiting a close friend. It’s hard to be nervous when you got a pal there building up your confidence and cracking jokes. It’s like she invited you over for a dance party in her living room.

For more about Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher Brooklin Rogers check it on…

Facebook for updates and class times and flirty fun.

YouTube for instructional videos and eye candy.

Website for more information.

Check out Your Neighborhood Studio for class details.


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