Miss February

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

All month-long I am honoring jewelry artist/sculptor, Dre Swain. Her look is sure to turn heads, make statements and maybe even make you giggle a little. Always an artist, Dre’s medium was oil and canvas until she fell in love with polymer clay. Or as she so affectionately refers to it as: the love child of rubber and clay. She has taken her impeccable eye, attention to detail and sense of humor to reincarnate her artistic ability in fashion.

All of her pieces are diligently sculpted with a story or a riddle. Always the queen of contradiction, each piece only appears to be cast in heavy medal, when actually they are light as a feather. So you can wear the flashy pieces without the weight of it all. You’ll only remember you’re wearing it because people won’t stop asking you where you found such a unique piece. Maybe it was a gift from an adoring dude? Maybe you should forward him the link… hint, hint.

Let’s get a few of things straight, although Dre’s style is charming, wacky, and clever there are several constants that make it a Dre Swain Original. Each piece is conceived by Dre herself in her single lady operated business lair also know as her kitchen. She primarily uses polymer clay, as we’ve discussed, and each piece weighs less than an ounce. Everything is handcrafted by Dre herself and she is also responsible for the chain styling on each necklace or bracelet. These 360 designs can be commissioned with a variety of chain lengths, or ribbon. Even if they flip on their backsides during wear, their underbellies are just as fashionable. You’ll know every detail is perfected by Dre when you notice her signature on the piece, stamped with approval for wear and complements.

Like most artists, Dre has another job working on TV shows for Nickelodeon. It was here, with the help of the wardrobe department that she found her wings to share her art with the masses. The stylists fell in love with Dre’s jewelry and started placing them on the actresses for filming while encouraging her to make more. She has since expanded her operation and really finding herself a fan base. I mean, I’m a fan.

The Dre Swain Collection includes various pendants and necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and hair adornments. She has also recently expanded after experimenting with converting books to purses and personalizing notebooks and journals. She has also done various commissioned pieces for brides and sweethearts alike. Maybe it’s her whimsical style, or romantic fantasy essence, or maybe it’s how I’m lusting after everything in the collection that leads me to believe Dre is nothing short of a high-class Lisa Frank for the digital age, hold the neon colors. Wearing my Dre Swain Original always gives me a giddy feeling I haven’t felt since 3rd grade school shopping.

Pieces in Photos from top to bottom: Feathers and Chains on Dre Swain, Design variations of Mr. T. Rex, Esq., Beauty Mark Betty From the ‘KnuckleHeads’ collection, Daniella Monet wearing Mona-stache in Nickelodeon’s ‘Fred the Movie 2’, Bride’s Hair Adornment commissioned piece.

For purchases and browsing visit: dreswain.com

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