Centerpiece: Accessory

February 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m sure by now you’ve taken a peek at Miss February jewelry artist/sculptor, Dre Swain’s line of jewelry and accessories and picked out and pinned up your wants and desires. While I like everything, I sometimes don’t know what to wear when. I have this syndrome where I have trouble accessorizing an outfit. Sometimes too little, sometimes too much. I asked Dre to give me some pointers on how to wear and how to pair.

1. Figure out if you’re jewelry is the ‘centerpiece’. A lot of times a really great piece of jewelry can be lost in a wild print or layers of an outfit. If you have a necklace that was created to stand out, let it be the focal point of your look. Wear something monochromatic. If it’s a short necklace wear it with a deep ‘v’ or something strapless.

2. If the clothing is the focus of your look, don’t accessorize with statement pieces. Choose something smaller and dainty. Find the balance. If your outfit was made to stand out then your jewelry should be more subdued. 

3. Go with your gut. Much like you listen to yourself about what you want for breakfast, let your mood lend inspiration to your accessories. Sometimes when we wake up we let one side of our personalities come through more that day. If you are feeling happy, sad, fruity or  cheeky. Let that be the guide.

4. Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Where a piece that changes your mood. It works! If you have a day ahead of you where you need to feel powerful and strong you might wear the Lion’s Plumb. If you wake up tired and groggy, put on All Hail The Glorious Bean (with a real coffee bean). Just knowing that you have that symbol on can influence the way you think about your day and your actions.

4. If you don’t know when you wear a piece, pick a specific event. Ex. Wear Zombie Apocalypse to a Halloween Party, or zombie movie date night. Wear the Mona-Stash to browse a museum, or an art gallery. Wear Breakfast foods to brunch with friends. It’s fun and festive. You can’t go wrong with wearing items that inspire the events you attend. It changes your mood so you can anticipate and enjoy the activities you participate in.

5. It’s okay to pick your jewelry first then decide your outfit. Sometimes let your jewelry be the antidote for the rest of the day’s statement.

6. Know where your jewelry is going, know the intention of jeweling up parts of your body. Dre makes a lot of necklaces. The neck is one of the most beautiful areas on a woman, nothing wrong with drawing attention to it. If you like a lot of rings think about what your hands mean to you. Do you work with them, create, care, cook? Honor them with some glitz. Wearing gems on your ears, if your a good listener.

7. Wear the length of necklace that’s right for your look. Sometimes you want something that rests right in between your collar bones, but that might be a little too short for some people. Be sure to adjust your short necklace to your own comfort level. If you aren’t comfortable in it, you won’t wear it well. For longer necklaces, pick pieces with 360 designs because they tend to flip around. All angles have to look good.

7. Select pieces carefully for yourself. It’s important to wear pieces that make you feel sexy, feminine and brings out qualities in yourself. You have a sense of style and so should your jewelry. Treat yourself to those items that define you, that no one else has. You’re a unique person.

8. What you wear should accentuate what you’ve already got. Because what you have is already beautiful. You’re decorating you. Put the cherry on top.

Photos From Top To Bottom: Dre Swain, Pieces of Gogh -or- Starry What?, All Hail the Glorious Bean, Daniella Monet wearing Morning Munchies on Nickelodeon’s ‘Fred the Movie 2, Stone Flutterby.

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