I Have The Golden Cheez-it!

February 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ll admit it, Cheez-its are the only part of my complete breakfast/lunch/dinner. Okay, I like ’em. Just a little. Sometimes when you’re not a wife or a mother (aka a Bachelorette) you eat Cheez-its for dinner. Well… I can see Cheez-it meals far into my future, I won’t stop at Bachelorette-dom so I’m just going to celebrate it.

I have this piece from Dre Swain’s jewelry line, Champagne and Cheese and I’ve been wearing it whenever I actually pry my finger tips from my computer and put on an outfit. It’s quickly becoming my new staple. Small enough to be part of my delicate style yet unique enough to be an attention getter.

It takes people a while, but I’ve been getting, “Is that a Cheez-it?!” Once someone even inquired if it was a real Cheez-it cast in metal. Yes, a Cheez-it. No, not a real one. Once people notice that it’s a snack food they want to talk about it. Conversation piece.

Why would I wear a cracker around my neck? Because you should honor what you love. Athletes wear their jersey numbers around their neck. Mother’s wear their children’s birthstones. Lot’s of variation of heart pendents out there (thank you, Tiffany). Please, I think a favorite food is better than being blatantly narcissistic and wearing your name around your neck, like you weren’t sure how to spell it or might forget it entirely.

That’s what I like best about Dre’s collection, it’s doesn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, I like my name and all, and diamonds, but a childhood lunch box item I love? Sold! She’s got a great mix of elegance and quirk in all her pieces and my Cheez-it is no exception.

What’s not to like about jewelry with a sense of humor? It’s your expression, wear what your personality around your neck.

For purchases and browsing visit: dreswain.com

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Current deal: 3 for 40… refer three people and get 40% off your next piece. So tell her TIB sent you, I have my eye on a few things (wink).


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§ One Response to I Have The Golden Cheez-it!

  • simone says:

    Dre is an exceptional artistic. I feel so proud to own such a unique and intricate piece of her jewelry. Her work could be displayed in a gallery, but instead she has made her customers walking galleries. Very cool stuff.

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