I’m a Jerk x2

March 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m rerunning this post. I first ran it when I was a jerk a couple months ago. And now I’m a jerk again. I promise something fresh next week. Maybe something fresh with each other. I’m pretty sure they are updating the site that’s linked below. And if it’s down permanently… than I lost my job.

Oh and comment if you think I should adapt this blog into a manuscript… cause that’s the next step… I’m really horrible with self-marketing.

Well, I’m more of a jerk because I’ve been being a jerk somewhere else and I have run out of time to be a jerk here. Does that make sense? Well, although I have yet to be given proper credit for it, I’ll show you where I’ve been moonlighting. Below are two links to the new online publication I am writing for. They have told me I can’t post my own writing on my own blog so I have to redirect you to the posts on the site.


This is where I talk more about how much duck face is hurting my gender and other things girls should stop doing.

Signs You Should Move in Together

In this on I discuss how annoying it is to be in that habitat limbo of a committed relationship.

So there’s a redirect this week. Sorry, but you get double the smut somewhere else so don’t be belly aching there’s one more step. I’ll have something original for my smarty snatches next week.

Oh and while I’m giving you content did you check out the Why U Got Dumped video this week? Why Boys Get Dumped


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