Mobile Uploads to Your Wall

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the digital world you have a whole camera on your phone. Literally in your holster at all times. You don’t miss a moment, then you upload your precious photo journal onto a wall, a digital wall in a space you have to login as a third party just to even visit. I decided to take mobile uploads off that wall and hang them on another. A wall that I can look at every day without having to give up a password. A wall in my living room. You got it, it’s craft time.

You can do this with any size photos, but I wanted mine to have a wall paper feel so I took this images into iPhoto and cropped them all into exact squares, 5”x5”. I put the files onto a thumb-drive and headed to Staples for printing. In an effort to save money, I printed them on regular paper instead of photo paper. This doesn’t affect the quality or the printing as far as I can tell. After they were printed I cut the pictures out myself since Staples was going to charge me $2 per cut. I had four cuts on every photo, it wasn’t worth it when I’ve been proficient with a pair of scissors since preschool.

To make the photographs more durable, I glued them to card stock (cut to fit) using a cheap spray adhesive. I’m sure rubber cement would work, but I didn’t want a gob of glue to seep through and ruin the images. Next I diligently measured and leveled a grid using blue painter’s tape, a step stool and a buddy. Together, her and I spaced the tape 5 1/4″ apart horizontally and vertically to allow for some wiggle room. Once the grid was up, I mounted the photographs inside the grid using double sided tape. After some trial and error with the double stick tape I turned to the painter’s tape to get the job done. So far so good. After all the pictures were up, now the fun part, ripping down the grid to reveal the complete masterpiece.

I even had some left over and liked it so much, I put up a different arrangement on another wall. I’ve gotten many complements. I’m pleased with how it turned out and looking forward to adding more pictures to my photo journal. I have everything up there from weddings I’ve attended, trips I’ve been on to pets of friends and fantastic sunsets. I encourage all of you to clear your digital space and upload your photos to a real live wall. Let yourself relish in your wonderful life, why leave that only to the people who facebook stalk you?


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