Episode 102

April 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Life Of Walsh Episode 102:

I’ve worked on various TV shows in my 6 years in Hollywood. Sometimes I’m working in dank windowless offices tucked in an unmarked building near the outskirts of town. Then sometimes I get to work on studio lots, where real scripted TV and Movies are made. Sometimes my desk is a folding table, but sometimes they let me drive a golf cart. Once I was working on the Warner Bros. Lot and you know who lives there in the water tower? Yakko, Wakko and Dot, duh. If you don’t know who the Animaniacs are you are too young to be reading my blog and you should go ask your mom about Pinky and the Brain. Anyway, so I’m driving around the Warner Bros Lot in my golf cart (probably too fast, but when those things are fully charged it’s hard to resist), and I’m singing theĀ Animaniacs theme song, like I always do. I round a corner at top speed near the auto shop and almost rear end the BAT MOBILE. It was the Tim Burton Bat Mobile and I almost took out it’s taillights with my golf cart. It will forever remain one of my favorite Hollywood stories besides the time my roommate motor-boated Pamela Anderson after she slapped him twice. Crazy to the max…


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