P90X2 Halfway Thru

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve completed week 1 of the third phase. We are doing some creative scheduling, 3 weeks – phase 1, 3 weeks – phase 2, 3 weeks – phase 3, then one week of each until I can’t anymore. I’m feeling fairly good about things, and my co-producer is pretty impressed with fact that I’m actually doing it. So impressed that he brings it up to everyone all the time, but I am kind of amazing so I’ll take it. I wanted to give you the review of phase 2 before I moved too far into the third one and started skillfully murdering Tony in my dreams.

It’s the strength phase and it was a lot of pull ups and push ups. For me, I have tendonitis in my shoulder. Too much of that and I wouldn’t be able to go on. But alas the motto: do your best and forget the rest. Three weeks was a good amount of time before things really started acting up. I narrowly averted disaster while steadily strengthening for the next phase.

The thing I enjoy about P90X2 is the variations. There is always one person in the video who’s killing it without all the fancy equipment. Tony gets quite redundant about there being no excuses for skipping days, even when you’re traveling. I opted for travel mode and used resistance bands instead of my chin-ups. Let’s face it, I really want to do a chin up, but it will probably only happen in my dreams.

It’s 3 solid hour routines of lifting upper body, then you do the ab ripper 3 days/week, with yoga and plyometrics mixed in.  Oh how I love yoga day. Things got busy as work picked up and I’ve been taking the two foam rolling days to sleep in then foam roll in front of the TV instead of adding in a bike ride. I’m really missing my bike ride.

It’s by no means impossible, and I actually found the lifting days to be easier than the plyo day, but still really working up a sweat. I think all women should supplement their exercise with strength training. We need to be lean and strong. Strong is the new skinny. At least that’s what I’m seeing on Pinterest.

I can definitely see more definition in my arms, which I’m thankful for now that sleeveless summer is upon us. I took my halfway measurements with Mister Red the other day and unfortunately I was gravely disappointed. I lost an inch everywhere but my waist. No, there I gained an inch. The exact place I wanted to lose the most, I gained! I’ll make only one excuse so I feel better, my aunt flow was visiting. Perhaps I was bloated. On top of it, a day later… after all the ab ripping, I ripped my pants. Devastated.

However, I think phase 3 is really going to do the trick. But I’ll save my review of this when I actually complete it completely. Let me just say that I was hurting as I climbed the stairs after my first day.


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