Episode 103

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Life of Walsh Episode: 103

I went to film school, but as odd as I am, when I was at Emerson I felt too normal. I’m not going to even attempt to describe the fashion show between classes at a liberal arts college because it wouldn’t do it justice. Art is hard and not everything is art. Sometimes it’s just shit that you think would be really cool. I really liked the freedom of avant garde film making, but it’s really hard to get people on board with it. Most of the time it’s the people with money that just don’t get your vision.

My first year in LA was a sobering one. My roommate and I were jobless and lacked furniture for the first couple months. Without TV or internet or a couch, you get creative. We made several collages out of the grocer mailers that seemed to mock us. I still have these as a visual reminder of my number as a consumer. But more important creative nugget that came out of this time was the most brilliant idea for an experimental short film. We call it: 15 Minutes of Steve Buscemi Eating a Sandwich. It’s a turkey sandwich on wheat and he gets a phone call on a rotary phone in the middle of him enjoying his sandwich. He’s not happy about the interruption. But that’s it, 15 mins long, Steve Buscemi, turkey sandwich consumption. Now this blog is copyrighted, so if you steal my idea… I’ll take you to court.  *wink*



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