You’re Getting Older When…

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve talked before about getting older, becoming more responsible, developing adult tendencies. It’s a looming thing in our generation, we keep thinking, “stay young.” Maybe it’s because we don’t feel old, or maybe because we’re still in denial of loosing our college years to time. But I digress… My most recent you’re-getting-older-when moment was even a shock to me.

Even though I work in the television industry I don’t have cable. I have internet, I don’t need cable. I’m going to take a moment to get off topic and preach. I pay $30 per month for internet, $8 for Netflix instant streaming and $8 for Hulu Plus. Mister Red contributed the PS3 and we’re in business. I can watch what I want when I want. I’ve been doing this for years even before I was bestowed with the PS3. I would hook up my computer to the TV. And I’ll tell you the best part of this, besides saving money, it keeps me from watching hours of crap. My head might be in the sand about some of the train-wrecks for TV shows out right now or late night talk shows, but that’s the way I like it. Try it. It’s going to be like this in five years anyway… convert now.

The one draw back to this set-up was the elimination of sports. Going to the bar every time there was a game was taking a toll on our livers and wallets. Then we bought the digital box (aka Bunny Ears) at a one time fee of $50 so we can watch sports on Network TV. But then we discovered something else on Network TV, something we’d never thought we’d fall in love with let alone schedule dinner around.

It all started one rainy Sunday evening during March Madness. Both our brackets had gone down hill after Michigan State lost and we found ourselves channel surfing after getting bored with a game when we stumbled upon something we thought only our grandparent’s watched. 60 Minutes. Best show on TV. Who knew?

I don’t remember what the exclusive was that first episode, but it was better than anything I’ve seen on the discovery channel. We were hooked. This is good hard reporting, on often hard and yet fascinating issues. These interviews are certainly intense, world leaders, business mongols, athletes, celebrities, hard questions.

Now we watch it every week. It rules our Sunday. Even when entertaining guests… 7pm we put 60 Minutes on. Sure you have to endure the AARP and retirement investment commercials, the occasional animated Ensure advertisement. Some breaks are just a laundry list of side effects from pharmaceutical advertising with every other one for erectile dysfunction. Obviously we’re outside the target demographic for this particular programming.

60 Minutes, you’re grandparents best kept secret. You actually feel wiser after watching.



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