Episode 108

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Life of Walsh Episode: 108

I remember I graduating high school. Well, bits and pieces. Despite having exceptional parents, I was such a hormonal headcase. I was the most cynical adolescent with two legs and big boobs. I hated most things. I hated being a girl, being pretty, even mildly popular irritated the piss out of me. I didn’t want to be another brick in the wall! I wrote dark poetry, listened to angry lesbian music and wore a lot of black. Not like goth or anything, just not a lot of color. In my World Literature class we had an assignment to write an essay describing heaven or hell. 97% choose heaven, I was one of three turning in a composition on hell. I was on the dark side.

My mother and I were at odds the moment I got my license. Something about mother’s and daughters I guess. The moral of the story is… I got over it. Cheers to all you who have baby girls, I don’t think it’s going to be easy after they get their lady present for the first time. And when she decides to write about hell know it’s just a faze, but beware that she might want to be an artist.


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