Episode 109

July 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Life of Walsh Episode 109

So I was me and…

Mister Red and I met each other 2 years ago after I walked into a bar during to watch a basketball game with some friends. When he winked at me twice, I gave him my number based on liquid courage and cutenss. Early on we both agreed that anniversaries were for married people and we skipped the whole 3 month/6 month blah blah blah. It wasn’t until someone inquired about how long we were together did we have to think about it. Thinking got us into trouble.

We couldn’t remember when our first official date was and our first kiss wasn’t the most magical because we were still skeptical of each other. So we ended up marking the day we met as the beginning of the relationship, because by most definitions it was love at first sight (if you believe in that stuff, which I don’t, but it happened to me so I should). Instead of an anniversary we call it Double Wink Day. Had he not winked at me the second time, I might have not given him my number. We mark it on game 6 of the NBA playoffs, because that’s the only other thing we remember about the day. Not flowers, no gifts, no dinner, just simultaneous gasping at how long we’ve been together and how it feels impossible there was a time when we did not know the other existed. It feels a lot longer than 2 years.

This year Miami killed it in the playoffs so there wasn’t a game 6, it was like leap year. So that Friday we scheduled appointments with our favorite esthetician so I could wax my cooch and he could dye his eyebrows (remember, he’s a ginger). Procedures we do to look good for each other. Well, his eyebrows make him look so good he’s almost not human and he’s the only person who gets face to face with the results of my professional grooming, but I think he prefers it that way.

Regardless, our esthetician was so touched by our Double Wink Leap Day story, she put the services on the house. How sweet?! We were so touched, we decided to go ahead and celebrate 2 years by stuffing our faces with some grub. Who knew hair removal was so romantic?


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