Episode 112

August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Life of Walsh Episode: 112

Karma points.

The other day I was taking my trash down. I don’t have a chute or anything, it’s kinda of a walk down to the parking garage and then dealing with an icky door. None the less, as I was walking mine down and my neighbor had their trash waiting out by their door. Mind you, I live in LA, therefore I do not know my neighbors, in fact I’ve lived there for a year and have never even met them. To demonstrate this one step further, at a different unit in the building new tenets moved in. Mister Red went down with a welcoming bottle of wine and practically got the door slammed in his face. After I heard that, I was through being neighborly.

But back to the other neighbor’s trash. I thought for a moment and decided to earn some karma points by picking up their trash on my way. So yes, a good deed for selfish reasons. Then, the next time I leave the house I see they’ve left a note on their door. It says: Dear Neighbor, thank you for taking my trash out, that was a good deed and I appreciate it.

So they decided to spend the minute of time that I saved them to print out and write me a note. Which I thought was really nice, until I thought about it taking away my karma points. I felt like I was a vigilante and someone just unmasked me. Almost like me thunder was robbed. My random act was suddenly not so random. So who gets the karma points? Me or my neighbor?


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