Get Abs Like An Olympian

August 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Or something like that. Is it just me or are the Olympics pretty steamy this year? Lots of hot bodies sweating and seething… the mugs aren’t that bad either. For something that’s practically a survival of the fittest for all races and cultures, they’re a pretty good looking group too. Surely that’s Darwinism at work.

Getting that sexy six-pack or toning the tummy doesn’t require traditional crunches or sit-ups by the hundreds. Let’s take a page world class athletes and concentrate on core stability and a regimented lifestyle. Great abs are just a side effect.

The Olympic body is chiseled for power, sculpted for endurance and monitored by it’s technician among various trainers. You don’t need a team of experts to chip away at your own gut, but you will need dedication to a clean diet and fervor for form in every exercise.

First, monitor the nourishment that passes your lips. Ask: Is this the best fuel for your body? A clean diet of non-processed foods is essential for toning the tummy. Putting whole foods inside will make it look good outside.

Next, think beyond your abs to your core (abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes). All essential muscles working together to stabilize the spine and pelvis, insuring balance and posture. Everything is connected. If you stay true to proper technique the streamlined torso will come.

Athletes get their killer abs from strength training, that targets all their core muscles in addition to hours of practice for technical perfection in their event. You won’t find a long jumper doing hours of crunches, you’ll find her jumping. Just like a swimmer swims and runner runs. When you work out, work it all. The next step is honing your technique in each exercise to insure you’re working the proper muscles in addition to the stabilizers in your core.

Give it your all, listen to corrections, eat well and be well. Olympic athletes work hard for their excellence, and you can too. Washboard abs are the constellation prize of hard work.

Now to get a face like an Olympian? You’ll need a Nike sponsorship for that. And that great wave, earn a medal.



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