Series Finale

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Life of Walsh: Series Finale

Okay, I’ve been MIA. I get it, you’re either mad or you don’t care about me anymore. It’s not like anyone actually reads these days. Scratch that– reads more than three sentences durning one sitting these days. Truth is, I like writing long winded prose that are both vulgar and witty, but I lack the time. See, I’m now writing for a health and fitness blog on Tumblr for money. So without inundating you with recycled articles I’ve written for them I’ll just direct you there to look for yourself.

This Blog is the Next New Awesome Blog You’ll Ever Read for 30 Seconds, CLICK HERE!

It’s pretty quick and great if you’re really into fitness, Pilates and eating well. If you aren’t, you’ll just think it’s a waste of internet real estate that could be better served hosting corgi videos. And you know I love a corgi video.

Anyway, a gal can only write so much, so… I’m moving myself to Tuesdays! Why Tuesday? Because I thing the occasional blogger always picks Wednesday and I believe the average working class gal is most bored on Tuesdays. I’ll still do Friday Foto Folly because I probably love it more than most.

Anyway if you’re still out there, thanks for reading. And while you’re at it, comment or like or share a thing or two, otherwise I’m just another one of those people who’s writing for no one to pay any attention.

PS – A friend of mine says she pulled a Walsh the other day and accepted a date with a hot bartender. At least something’s catching on.



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