Shameless Plugs

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I know most of you are out voting for Roseanne Barr. She would be the funniest person in office since Clinton. I wonder if she stills has that ugly blanket every family in the midwest’s grandma knitted for them? It would be a great addition to the white house decor. Just like this election, a joke. Oh… it’s not a joke? That was the real ballot, and that last debate wasn’t scripted… it’s going to be a long 4 years.

Most of us just want to get this over with so the political propaganda will stop circling on facebook. You got to ask yourself if things are real before you repost… I mean Photoshop is a real thing and just because it’s all in a pretty JPEG and going viral doesn’t mean that it has any truth to it. Use your noodle. Study up on your state’s props and your county’s measures and bring an old fashioned cheat sheet to the polls. No one can pass you the answers to this quiz.

And ENOUGH with the paragraphs of political rants! Save it for watering hole. No one likes to get into arguments about politics more than stool warmers at a pub. Talk to someone who will really listen to your bull shit and properly throw it back in your face.

Today is a day of politics and shameless plugs. While everyone else out there in America it shoving their personal beliefs down your newsfeed, I’m going to shove something better. With the help of some very talented people who didn’t know better and let me boss them around for a while, my website has been revived. And what’s even more awesome than that is the video sketch that I wrote went up yesterday.

While everyone else wants you to pay attention to political propaganda, I’m just asking you to watch and laugh. Enjoy.


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