Leave of Absence…

January 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Oh the horror…

yoga-and-pilates-for-fused-spineI have to leave something off my plate this month while I become a Pilates wizard. I am studying for my certification and upon further review I should have really kept up on my anatomy. I have my work cut out for me. So please, let me know if you have any tips for studying the muscles of the HUMAN body. Someone tried to give me a nemonic device about a horse, but I think it was just a set up for a dirty joke.


You see, I’m trying to curb my procrastination as a new year’s resolution. My plan is to complete a one goal I have been procrastinating on  each month, starting with the most procrastinated item on this list. This month’s Pilates goal has already gotten off to a slow start, so I will need to play catch up.

The good news is…

By setting these goals I am tricking myself into productivity. For the Month of February I intend to compile a manuscript of all of TIB’s dating adventures for an ebook. Rest assured there will be a lot of new content generated for that next month, so I feel I can make up for taking a few weeks off.


Let me know if I can bribe you or someone you know to pass me on my certification (kidding). Give me study tips if you have them. And hook me up with any and all of your literary agent friends and publishing friends, because I am headed that way soon.

Love my smarty snatches and your support! Here’s to a procrastination free 2013!

…okay now that I did something, I can resume pintresting.


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