Forget Oprah… MY Favorite Things

February 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

I wanted to come back off the hiatus with something special. Or maybe just a little something different than a rant about gender roles or my boyfriend’s toenail picking habit. Now I don’t usually give kindness or props to Oprah, Harpo, OWN or their affiliates, but I do like her favorite things. So without further adieu…. MY FAVORITE THIIIIIIIIIIIINGSSSSSSSSSS WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


You might have guessed by my occupation (underpaid writer / fitness instructor) that all the readers today will NOT be looking under their chairs to discover the products I am about to describe. There is no way I could sneak into all 6 of your homes to do that. I’m not Santa. But I will provide you with some great product info, insight, and humor.

My Favorite Things:

Raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens.

Just kidding.

Leg Warmers – Fighting the good fight between the end of your workout “crops” and your shoes all winter long. Get leg warmers. Go to Pilates class. No excuses. Or do like I do and lounge around all day in them just because they make you feel like a cozy ballerina from a time before cellphones.

Find them on the sale rack at Target, H&M and know that if you get them from American Apparel they are robbing you. Leg warmers shouldn’t cost that much.

Travel Mugs – And not just any travel mug, the Tervis travel mug. You love Tervis tumblers for their virtually indestructible tumblers with college logos, but did you know for just a few bucks more you can buy a no drip sippy top? Does. Not. Leak. Feel free to wear white and drink coffee at the same time. I literally bought EVERYONE in my family and Mister Red’s family one of these for x-mas.

Note: the tumblers have a lifetime guarantee, the travel tops do not. But they are  pretty cheap so get a couple because you will be so sad if one breaks. Dishwasher safe for the top rack, find at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Cuties – And I mean the fruit, not children or Chippendales. I have been eating 4-7 per day since November and I have not gotten a runny nose yet. Knock on wood. Although 7 maybe excessive, they are a good traffic snack. And the peels make your car smell citrus fresh.

Find them in bulk at Costco. They are in season now, easy to peel and seedless (most of them are seedless, I’ve gotten two seeds. And the sticker says they are just for kids, but I’m calling their advertising rep and making sure they change the kid/seedless thing to read: Seedless, Most of the Time and Sometimes For Kids).

Stemless Wine Glasses – Because I never know if I’m supposed to hold on the stem or at the base of the glass or if after my first bottle am I then allowed to hold around the glass? I’m also thinking the low center of gravity on the table with women who tell stories with their hands is probably a good idea.

Lululemon – Once you pop you just can’t stop, so I seriously suggest you hold out for as long as you can. Overpriced… yes. Workout attire that keeps everything (boobs, ass, spare tire and back fat) where it should be… worth it. It starts with one pair of crops and a really great bra. Pretty soon you rather wear it out of the laundry pile from yesterday’s workout than wear anything else. Then all the styles are so cute one night you end up wearing all Lulu to a girls’ dinner where you have to admit that, yes, last week you ran 4 miles in the same pants.

I realize my obsession (as it’s grown to) may partially stem from the fact that what I do for a living pretty much requires an elastic waistband. If I leave the house I’m teaching, if I’m writing no one sees me. It’s a pretty awesome excuse to never wear a pair of real pants again. I have drawn my Lulu line at pants and bras, even though I know the tanks will eventually bite me too, my pocketbook only allows for Forever 21 wifebeaters as workout shirts.

Okay just a couple more…

Straws – Particularly water with lemon through a straw. I tend to be severely dehydrated and find that through a straw, just like how it helped me get drunk in college can help me drink more water throughout the day. And I’ve also discovered that lemon isn’t just for that part after a tequila shot. I’m becoming so adult.

Alternative Earth Zip Up Hoodie – It will literally put your softest clothing item to shame. I live in this thing most days of the week. It’s gross… I should probably get a second one. And the company plants trees for every item sold. So, you know… trees.

Now you know what I’ve been doing besides studying Pilates during the past month. Working out, eating cuties and drinking wine (and other liquids… I just realized there are a lot of beverage related items, we all have our vices).


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