Trifecta of the Modern Woman

April 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

First Posted May 16th 2011

There is this unspoken “have it all” mentality that modern women try and fail at having the trifecta. And by the trifecta I mean the home, the job, the man. It seems that in my late twenties, I try so hard to have a handle on all of these things but can never quite achieve them simultaneously. I hear it only gets worse when you add a fetus to your womb. Even a ring on your finger could set it out of balance.

Just when one area of your life starts achieving a certain perfection another will spin out of control and domino until they all fall down. I suppose that’s life. It’s funny I see some of my friends with career success and covet it. Little do I know they’d give their slightly smaller right tit to have my “lucky in love” nature. Or I should say “easy to fall in love” aka “serial monogamous downfall.” Or that old friend who married a great well-off guy in her 3 bedroom house craving to set her inner business woman free. Secretly wanting to be the boss of someone at all times, knowing that kids don’t count as someone to be a superior to.

But count we shall, all the blessings. Turn a blind eye at what could have happened if we decided to take that job, stay with that guy, or move away. Take comfort that even if another path was chosen life still wouldn’t be held up tight like a fresh face lift. And know that even face lifts have scars.

Perhaps our fervor to achieve this trifecta is a status symbol in itself. We are constantly growing, learning, and building character for what is to come… retirement. I kid. I’m not sure it’s going to get any easier, and I’m not sure what will fall apart next, but in some way all the pieces fit together in the perfect puzzle of you, modern woman. Trying to have it all, isn’t losing it all. If there is any generation whose going to come close, I think it might be us.


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