Poetry SMASH!

December 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

I ran across some pretty rad spoken word poetry slams during my routine youtube procrastination. I was inspired by the command of language and feeling the annual frustration of Christmastime consumerism, I wanted to smash some poetry myself. But just for fun.

Aside from smashing poetry this xmas, I’m DIYing a lot and taking pride in thoughtful gifts to be cherished and not thrown in the bottom of a drawer or a back of a closet to be forgotten about.

Asphyxiation of Trend

The noose tugs tight at my neck,

But I realize it’s just my fashion scarf working on the asphyxiation of trend.

‘Infinity’ isn’t a just word to describe this neckwear.

Because it goes in a circle an not on forever.

In this modern decay of language, ‘Forever’ is a brand.

A brand of clothes (21), jewelry (necklace), buy, wear, give, take, have, have, have.

In a world where going viral used to be a bad thing,

We cough and sneeze consumer goods onto each other.

Kerflecking opinions and brand loyalty airborne, landing on my unassuming Facebook page.

Truthfully, everyone needs a Shamwow like a head cold.

It’s just another thing to have. Another thing to beg the question, “do you really need?”

Piles in my closet of unloved, unused artifacts having no claim in the representation of my life lived.

I’ll save love notes and well wishes long after their flower accompaniment has died, long after the sentiment has past.

For years and years, and in years to come these words will be the most valuable gems in my jewelry box.

Still I find myself working hard enough, long enough to earn enough money

For ownership of the latest, greatest, and coolest items, clothing, and devices of our time.

I gasp for air, knowing life is much more than stuff.

Heath. Good health is far superior to a Louis Vuitton clutch, no matter how much a pop idol weeps about the brand.

Family and friends. Relationships should be held above the latest Williams Sonoma power planter express.

Fashion scarves and smart phones are not colors of joy.

Can we innovate forward without losing touch with the urgency of love,

Or are we just working hard enough to put iPads on the table?

I will not allow trend to choke me.

Certainly I can do without, so many of us do.


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