10 Things Your Fitness Professional Says That You Ignore

August 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

(BUT YOU DO!) 1. “Relax Your Shoulders” needs to be a bumper sticker. I think the highway would be a better place if everyone’s shoulders weren’t stressed out to their ears. Whatever you are doing, whenever you are doing it, think about where you put stress first. It’s usually your shoulders and neck. I can’t tell you how many times a day I say, “relax your shoulders” it has to be close to 100 over the course of three classes and a couple private sessions. You are going to get football player neck… I know, I’m halfway there myself. Screen-shot-2013-02-21-at-1.01.08-PM 2. “Muscle Takes Up Less Space Than Fat” So don’t obsesses about numbers on the scale. Sometimes you feel smaller but the scale stays the same. If your clothes are loose, why do you care what the scale says anyway? I will never get the people who are crunching these numbers. When I watch the scale I get frustrated. I weigh about 140lbs give or take about 5 depending how and what kind of stressed out I am.  Yeah, I said it. I don’t care. My clothes fit great, I feel great, and if I don’t stare too long at my naked pre shower body, I’m pretty confident about it. The number always seems heavier than I look cause I’m dense as all hell with my man arms. Ignore the scale, and buy a tape measure. The happiest weight is the number you maintain at your healthiest, by eating right and exercising regularly.

3. “You can target areas to tone, but not to lose” You can’t point at your thighs and say, “I want this gone.” If you are changing your eating habits and exercise in the hopes to become healthier and lose weight, you don’t get to pick an choose what goes and what stays. Boobs are going to shrink if the rest of you is shrinking. You can target areas to tone, but then you are building muscle in that area. If you want to build a butt, do some squats. If you want to lose the pooch, change your diet.

4. “Looking Good Is a Side Effect Of Healthy” So is feeling good! If you are focused on your health and not doing crazy juice cleanses  to drop a few, before you know it you’ll be fitting into your skinny jeans for good. I see people go through the motions of a fit life in order to attain goals, but they these goals have no longevity without a full commitment to health. You will never “deserve” a banana split. It’s either for your health or it’s against it. You can’t be perfect all the time, but you never earn your right to be bad. Your hips always find out when you’ve eaten chocolate.

5. “Don’t Be Afraid Of Heavy Weights” If you lift the same weights you are not building muscle strength you are building muscle endurance. This cracks me up when female clients shy away from anything over 3lbs. I know they have babies four times that. If you can lift your baby, don’t be afraid to lift a dumbbell. A woman’s body will not bulk from a 10lb weight. But honestly, even if you do put on muscle, isn’t it better than fat? And whats so wrong with being strong?

6. “Watch Your Form” Prevent injury. The last thing we want to see in an injury. Slow it down, THINK about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Injuries are often results of human error. If you have a question about form, ask it (we love questions, bet you didn’t know that).

7. “Abs Are Made In The Kitchen” You can’t be fit on exercise alone. You are what you eat and all those other things. You can’t eat like a teenager forever. Changing your eating habits not only does the body good on the outside, but on the inside too. Look within your diet to change what is ailing you. Eating healthy will never hurt a preexisting condition.

8. “Switch It Up” Don’t do the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity, right? Right. Your body likes to be efficient and will burn less calories as it gets used to your exercises. You have to switch it up. When it gets easy, you are stronger. Time to make it hard again by trying something different.

9. “Hydrate, Eat Before a Workout” Yes in the morning too. If you are nauseous during a workout, chances are you didn’t eat. Banana, hard boiled egg, nut butter sandwich, and almonds are great grab and go items for early birds. Reach for water first, then the coffee.

10. “Make It Count” Or don’t. It’s your money and time. Do what you want with it. I’ve taught many places and I’m happy to finally find a place and clients that syncs with my style. When I take class, I don’t even want to take a water break or re-ponytail because I want to get the full benefit of everything the instructor is teaching. I don’t want to miss a single rep, or push, or go at half speed. If I’m feeling in top form I will push myself to try everything my body is capable of. We know the tricks: bathroom breaks, fixing your hair, water time out, chatting, waiting until the last second to get in position (sometimes these are legit, but sometimes they aren’t… you know who you are). Not every client is going to want to be at the workout. Not every client wants to work their hardest. But everyone who does will reach their goals faster. Which are you?


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