An Interest in Pinterest

August 12, 2014 § 1 Comment

No matter how hard you try you can’t hide on the internet. If you have a digital footprint, you can be followed and found. By anyone, any where. Pretty creepy. Facebook is a place where you can be your own number one fan. Twitter is a dump where people throw trash in 140 characters into the landfill of tweets. Linkedin is Facebook with a necktie (we talked about ties last week, you know what that means). Youtube is the poor man’s TV. Flickr is living out your fantasy of being a photographer. MySpace lost to Facebook a while ago. Google+ is for the anti-facebook community but it’s not really catching on, so I guess Facebook won again. Instagram is the hipsters’ Flickr.  Tumblr is for people with short attention spans. Yelp is for complainers. Tinder is for the horny. You get the idea.

What I’ve been spending some time on lately is Pinterest. I’ve rekindled my love affair with a visual to-do, to-want, to-buy, to-make list of things. Has anyone figured out how long it would take to do everything on each of their boards. Probably more time than I have to live.

Anyway… Behold the online incarnation of the vision board. You can’t tweet your darkest secrets but you can pin them. Basically Pinterest is for stealing. Stealing ideas and looks from websites, other pinners. Stealing DIY projects, outfits, hairstyles, recipes, stealing hopes and dreams. With brides you can only imagine how ugly this might get.

I’m okay with this digital kleptomania. In fact, it’s super fun. Here are a few reasons I have an interest in Pinterest.

1. Pinterest. Because it’s curbing my Facebook habit.

2. Pinterest. Because even though I’m surfing the web for hours on end, I feel like I’m actually doing something.

3. For every healthy recipe I pin there are five I should never make.

4. Pinterest. Giving people really lofty expectations for their first homes.

5. People WANT you to repin, unlike on Facebook where people get lynched for stealing a status update.

6. Pinterest. Because it’s never to early to start planning your wedding.

7. Making a visual list of projects you will never have time to complete because you spend too much time on Pinterest.

8. Pinterest. Because there are too many inspirational quotes to commit to memory.

9. If I pin enough hot abs and perky bums, maybe, just maybe I can will my body to be more toned.

10. Sure it looks great on the model, but probably hideous on me. I’m going to pin it anyway.

11. Pinterest told me eyelet skirts and cut off jean shorts are in for spring. I don’t want to get left behind.

12. Pinterest is making a bucket list of all the places I can only dream of seeing. Then making me more depressed because I’ll probably just live vicariously through these pictures.

13. I just didn’t know hair could do that until I pinned it.

14. Pinterest. Because maybe he’ll see the cut of diamond I like. Would save him a lot of trouble.

15. Pinterest. Because I haven’t lusted after famous dudes since I cut out pictures of hot guys from BOP and Tiger Beat in 5th grade.

16. I have Pinterest because I don’t have a photographic memory and I NEED to remember yoga kitten.

17. Pinterest. It’s the sorority that everyone who pledges becomes a sister. But they’ll make you wait.

18. Because there are so many shoes I just have to pin.

19. Pinterest. Because people who sell stuff on etsy don’t have much of a budget for advertising.

20. Pinterest because you can stop a friend from purchasing something horrible. Like an orange couch.

21. Because I will never EVER be able to afford that bag, but I want it sooooo bad.

22. Some animals just beg to be pinned up on a board. Specifically puppies.

Stay clever, Pinners! Promote small business and artists. Want, pine, like, steal and pin forth toward inspiration for all areas of your life. #PINNING!!!

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§ One Response to An Interest in Pinterest

  • Dane says:

    Pinterest: Because a second, second life just isn’t satisfying enough. This is a forum I could really lose myself in. What will they make us do next?

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