Language of Love

December 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

You know you have a strong relationship when you say…

“I’m going to put the goo gone back in the Harry Potter Closet”

and it’s understood perfectly.

Or how about…

“Is is okay if I finish off the KT dessert tonight?”

And it is okay, even though you made it less than 2 hours ago.

You compromise on entertainment….

“Can we watch ‘kaaahhhhhahhhhakaaaaakaa’ and ‘fast news talk big story love triangle’ tonight or save one and watch two next week?”

(Extra points if you can guess those shows)

You alert the other of beautiful views…

“Check out the wicked underbelly from the secret patio.”

You have traditions near the holidays….

“After tonight we have to get Trampstamp Tonya out of the overhead storage bin.”

But most importantly, you have emergency chocolate in the house and it’s okay if the other person eats it….

“That whole thing of chocolate chips is gone from the freezer.”

Because you understand why they needed it in the first place.




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